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The Gift of Immunity

It’s common knowledge that vaccinating your child can help prevent the spread of disease and even protect them from becoming seriously ill. But do you know how vaccinations work? Through vaccination, killed or weakened disease germs are purposefully introduced to your body. Your immune system then learns which antibodies need to be produced to fight off the disease. In this way, you can develop immunity without actually contracting the disease and becoming sick.

Vaccinating your child protects their peers as well. Some children are unable to receive vaccines due to medical reasons or age. Instead, they must rely on the immunity of others in order to stay healthy and safe.

By vaccinating your child, you are not only protecting their current and future health, you are also protecting the health of their classmate’s and their classmate’s families, friends, and everyone else they come into contact with. Vaccines are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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